About Us

Welcome to Beer Connoisseurs Sweden - the ultimate place for beer enthusiasts. We are dedicated to exploring and sharing knowledge about different types of beer, breweries and tasting experiences. Explore our content and let us guide you on your journey through the amazing world of beer! Sit down and enjoy a cold and tasty beer with us.

Cheers! 🍻

We know beer

We share a mutual, genuine interest in both beer and delicacies, especially different cheeses and charcuteries. Above all, we love

to find and share new exciting flavor combinations. Our

interest began back in the mid-90s and has since continuously developed. For more than 30 years, we have arranged

and developed a large variety of professional beer tastings, combined with great beer and food pairings.

We primarily organize all kinds of different professional beer tastings. Since 2016 we also arrange various fairs and beer festivals through our subsidiary BC-Events.

Occasionally we brew our own beer through collaborations

with different breweries. We also work with import/export

and wholesale, where of course all the breweries we

collaborate with share our genuine interest in quality beer.

The founders,

Joakim & Peter